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"Imagine fish feeding on the surface in the middle of the day. 

Imagine a place where you can fish in the middle of the night and it's never dark. 

Imagine summer in Lapland. "

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Summer night in Lapland

Our summer in Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway is quite short and fish tend to eat every chance they get. In July and August dry fly fishing works exceptionally well on grayling, trout, arctic char and white fish. 

Here in Northern Finland we have excellent grayling rivers and lakes. But don't let my company's name fool you. We can also concentrate on arctic char, trout, white fish or perch. 

In winter from December to April you have got an opportunity to try arctic ice fishing. 

It's even possible to catch huge arctic char through the ice. 

In most of our ice fishing trips we use snowmobile and sledge for transportation. 

Trout fishing in Finland

Rafting and fishing trips in Lapland

Feel free to ask more. 

Grayling fishing in Lapland

Grayling rivers

We have many beautiful grayling rivers in Northern Finland. And we are also able to go to Sweden or Norway depending on your wishes. This Northern Lapland area is famous for its huge graylings. You have got a chance to catch a grayling measuring more than 50 cm and weighing more than 1 kilogram (more than 2 pounds). 

And it's not just graylings, you can also catch trout, white fish, perch, pike and even an Atlantic salmon on a same trip if you're really lucky.

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Grayling lakes

We have nice grayling lakes in Northern Finland and Sweden not far away from the roads and easy access. A day trip is recommended.

We also have nice lakes in remote areas. Getting there requires a helicopter ride. So multi-day trip is the best option. We can fish in different lakes and even on a river on the same trip if you are willing to walk a little bit. Graylings weighing over 1 kilogram are caught regularly here. 

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Trout fishing in Lapland

Trout rivers

I'll be honest. Finland is not famous for its trout. For me the best trout fishing is in Norway. So if you want to experience excellent trout fishing we will drive to Norway. There we can find different kinds of rivers and even day trips to trout rivers are possible.

I personally like fly fishing in smaller remote rivers where fish can still be relatively big. I recommend you to book a multi-day trout fishing trip which will include a bit of hiking or atv ride if you really enjoy trout fishing.

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Sea trout fishing in Norway, Lyngen fjord and Alta region

For sea trout we often travel to Alta or Lyngen in Northern Norway. The best season for sea trout is from April to June. We can start from Hetta, Palojoensuu or Kilpisjärvi. Sea trout fishing day trips last usually 10-12 hours.

Even though fly fishing for sea trout can be fun it´s also possible to use spinning gear when it´s too windy.

Sea trout fishing trip prices start from 800 euros. We can make a long day trip or a multi-day trip.

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Lake Koutusjärvi - the home of big trout

This small lake is in Pello and it is almost completely in private use when you book a trip. There's plenty of nice trout and white fishes in peaceful surroundings. You are only allowed to visit this lake with certain fishing guides. Usually Lake Koutusjärvi is fished from small boat but there´s also a couple places where fishing from the shore can be excellent.

We can make long day trips or multi-day trips to Koutusjärvi. Prices start from 990 euros. Ask more if you're interested in the World class trout fishing. 

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Arctic char fishing in Lapland

I think that arctic char is the most beautiful fish in this planet. Sometimes it's difficult to catch on a fly but when circumstances are right the fishing can be spectacular. For arctic char fishing we usually travel to Northern Sweden or Norway. Then it's up to you if you prefer hiking, atv ride or helicopter ride. Usually in summer arctic char trips last more than a day.

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Perch and white fish fly fishing

Perches in Northern Finland are usually quite small but in rivers and lakes they can weigh way over 1 kilogram. And what's nice about those places is the fact that usually you also find big white fish there. 

Perches are easier to catch with a spinning rod but also fly fishing can be very exciting. In Lapland white fishes are  often feeding on the surface and it's time to use tiny dry flies and thin tippet.

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Ice fishing in Northern Finland

From November to May there's ice in many lakes in Lapland. The thickness of ice in winter can be even more than one meter. We need to have special equipment while we fish through the ice but it can be rewarding. 

It's an experience you don´t want to miss if you plan to visit Northern Finland in wintertime.


In some lakes and especially rivers there are parts where ice can be really thin and you should not go on ice if you don't know the place well.

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Arctic char ice fishing in Kilpisjärvi

In Northern Finland there's a big lake called Kilpisjärvi. It's famous for its huge arctic char. In winter we can hire a cottage near the lake and try ice fishing on the lake. 

The biggest arctic chars caught from Kilpisjärvi have weighed over 7 kilograms. It´s not easy fishing in winter but you'll have a chance to catch big arctic chars through the ice. 

It's an experience you have to try.

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Arctic char from Kilpisjärvi in December

New Zealand fishing trips

I've visited New Zealand for many years for fly fishing. If you have a group who would need a guide to travel with you and organize everything in New Zealand you can ask me to join you. I can reserve an accommodation for you and take you to different locations to fish. 

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Want to learn fly fishing?

My profession besides being a fishing guide is a teacher. I've taught in primary school for twenty years. At the moment I'm concentrating on just guiding. But it´s possible to combine teaching and fishing.

So if you want to learn fly fishing techniques I'm here for you. I can also teach you ice fishing, spin fishing, fly tying, rod building or how to read a river if you wish. 

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Equipment and the weather in Lapland

Winter in Lapland can be really tough. So you need to have really warm clothing and many layers. Temperature varies between 0 and -45 degrees Celcius. The coldest monts are usually from December to March.

In summer temperature varies between 0 and 30 degrees Celsius. Nights can be cold even in summer. Usually July is the warmest month to visit Lapland. For summer nights you have to have warm clothes.

Fishing equipment you don't have to own. If you book a fishing trip I can lend you the equipment. But of course you are more than welcome to use your own gear.

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Rental equipment

If you need any equipment on your trip and don't want to buy everything or can't bring everything with you, you can always rent equipment. In my trips you don't have to rent things like boat or fishing gear because they are included. 


60 euros / day

30 euros / day 

40 euros / day

 60 euros / day (Bush Kaiman R-330, paddles and life jackets)

100 euros / day (Kopukka 545, paddles and life jackets) 

 30 euros / day

  20 euros / day

 60 euros / day

 50 euros / day

 50 euros /day

 40 euros / day

In a longer rental period the daily price drops a little bit. 

About me

I'm Teemu Vehviläinen, also known as "Grayling guide". I've been fishing more than 35 years and most of it in the last decades in Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway.  

I live in Palojoensuu, Enontekiö in Northern Finland. I'm a passionate fly fisherman but I also handle spin fishing and ice fishing.  

I can't guarantee that you'll catch the fish of your lifetime but I can get you to places where fishing can be excellent. I'll do my best to make sure you'll have a safe and memorable fishing in the wilderness. 

Feel free to ask more and let's plan you a fishing trip of a lifetime.

Tight lines!


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Here are some examples of the pricing.

 350 euros

 700 euros

600 euros

700 euros / day

250 euros

please ask, depending on destination

In half-day trips we can use my car or snowmobile. Half-day trips are usually fished from the shore or in winter on the ice of course.

Full day and multi-day trips usually include  all transportation by car, boat or snowmobile. If we need an ATV-ride or helicopter ride there will be an extra charge. 

Hiking to fishing destinations is of course free of charge. Fishing hikes can be really enjoyable trips if you are reasonable fit. We don't have to make long hikes but just enough to reach nice river or lake.

Extra persons cost 100-200 euros per day depending on a trip.

Prices include one guide for the group. Please ask if you want more guides for your group. Reindeer dog as an extra guide comes for free.

Prices don't include fishing licences, a cabin or all the food although I can offer you some snacks and coffee. Anyway I can help you with everything if you like. And we can cook fish for free when we catch one. Of course I can also organize all the food for extra price if you like that.

Feel free to ask an offer for your custom trip.


E-mail: teemu@graylingguide.com

Phone: +358503486078 (also SMS and Whatsapp)

Instagram: @graylingguide

Most of the time you'll be able to reach me via phone or e-mail. If my phones says that I'm out of reach it literally means that. Although I have got a satellite messaging device for safety reasons I'm not using my cell phone in remote areas. Then you might want to write me an e-mail or call again after couple of days. I'm hardly ever more than a week in remote areas without a cell phone. If I don't answer I usually call you back.

If you plan to visit Northern Lapland the closest airports to my company are in Kittilä (Kittila) and Enontekiö (Enontekio). Kittilä airport is open all year. To Kolari you can arrive by train.